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July 2016

First batch of datalogger "6D6" sold

Shortly after release of first data from offshore New Zealand there is huge interest in our OBS-system "Nammu" and in the datalogger "6D6". Meanwhile we can announce that we sold 20 units of our datalogger "6D6".

"6D6" has a signal-to-noise-ratio of better than 142 dB and a resolution of 32bit on all  four channels. The accuracy of the clock is as high as 0.02 ppm. With a total power consumption of 125 mW including the clock the datalogger "6D6" probably shows the best performance of all datalogger available on the market.

April 2017

To the Very Deep

For a couple of years now we manufacture pressure tubes for operational depth of more than 6.000 meters.

January 2017

OBS "Nammu" at AGU 2016

Our OBS "Nammu" celebrated a grand entrance at the AGU 2016 in San Francisco: technology from tomorrow meets technology from the future!

May 2016

EGU 2016

Introduction of the OBS-System Lobster – The Next Generation