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24148 Kiel – Germany

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E-Mail: kum@kum-kiel.de


Representation of EdgeTech

Since autumn 2004 K.U.M. Kiel GmbH is the German representative of the Acoustic Release product range from the American company EdgeTech, Massachusetts (US).

We are entrusted with the sale of the following products: 

Deck Boxes

Model 8011M Acoustic Transceiver Deck Unit

PACS Portable Acoustic Command System Deck Unit 

Unterwasser-Einheiten/Shallow and Deep Water Acoustic Releases
Model 8242XS Acoustic Release Transponder

PORT MFE Push Off Release Transponder
PORT LF Push Off Release Transponder
PORT Pop-Up Recovery System

as well as the standard accessories, spare parts and consumables (batteries, boards, etc. …). 


In case of questions of technical product details or sale please contact

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Partnership with Nanometrics

K.U.M. Kiel GmbH maintains a strong and trendsetting partnership with the Canadian company Nanometrics Inc. (Kanata, Ontario).

In 2013 we started using exclusively the seismometer Type Trillium Compact OBS from Nanometrics. Since then we could persuade the world market leader of compact broadband seismometers of the quality of our Ocean Bottom Seismometer Systems so that Nanometrics now unconditionally recommend our OBS-System.


We do not assume any liability for the contents of the external links.






August 2017

Rental Service of OBS/Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer started

Two years after the the launch of our new OBS "NAMMU" the demand is continously increasing.

April 2017

To the Very Deep

For a couple of years now we manufacture pressure tubes for operational depth of more than 6.000 meters.

January 2017

OBS "Nammu" at AGU 2016

Our OBS "Nammu" celebrated a grand entrance at the AGU 2016 in San Francisco: technology from tomorrow meets technology from the future!