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HiCap-Lander (High Capacity and Payload)

HiCAP Lander

The Lander of 3,60m height with a base area of 5,4m² was designed and manufactured as master lander for MoLab for Geomar.

HiCap is utmost suitable for operations with much need of space. Due to its floatation made of robust syntactic foam it enables the riskless operation of ROVs and AUVs in direct proximity to the Lander.

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March 2018

New OBS-Fleet delivered

A fleet of 18 OBS „NAMMU“ has been delivered to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland (www.dias.ie). The tender has been awarded to K.U.M. last year due to the excellent quality and service we provide.

August 2017

Rental Service of OBS/Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer started

Two years after the the launch of our new OBS "NAMMU" the demand is continously increasing.

April 2017

To the Very Deep

For a couple of years now we manufacture pressure tubes for operational depth of more than 6.000 meters.