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Ocean Bottom Seismometer - OBS-System LOBSTER

Ocean Bottom Seismometer - OBS-System LOBSTER

Ocean Bottom Seismometer - Longterm OBS for Tsunami and Earthquake Research

The titanium frame LOBSTER (Longterm OBS for Tsunami and Earthquake Research) is a Broadband-OBS-System.

It is the instrument carrier for broadband seismometer, recorder, releaser and batteries each in a titanium pressure tube as well as for float units made of syntactic foam, hydrophone, flasher, radio beacon and signal flag.

Due to the utmost simple design of the ocean bottom seismometer System it is easy to handle and offers multiple modification potentialities. The single components are quickly mounted / demounted; this also save space during transport and storing.

Ocean Bottom Seismometer LOBSTER is available in two versions:

  • for operation in up to 6000m depth (LOBSTER-6000, orange)
  • and for up to 7300m depth (LOBSTER-ultra-deep, yellow).

Anchor and float are asymmetrically designed: the OBS (ocean bottom seismometer) ascends to the water surface in upright position whereas it descends to the seafloor and stays there for data recording in horizontal position.

LOBSTER-6000 can be deployed for a long or short period.

In the latter case both battery tube and the 4 smallest external float disks are taken away. You only have to install shorter titanium bars for the float units – this is quickly done!

Features Ocean Bottom Seismometer LOBSTER

  • modular system: easy and quick mounting, demounting, adjustment + float units can be added or removed acc. to requirements
  • stabiliy and shock resistance ensured through syntactic foam and shock protection
  • pressure tubes and frame are made from high quality titanium (less weight + corrosion resistance)
  • due to the flat design important noise reduction at the seafloor even if the current is strong
  • simplified handling on deck and deployment with the crane due to the titanium hook
  • system modifications at will

Technical Data Ocean Bottom Seismometer LOBSTER

    Size / longterm / 6000m:

  • length: 1650mm (2800mm with flag)
  • width: 1300mm
  • height: 720mm

  • Size / short term / 6000m & 7300m:
  • length: 1650mm (2800mm mit Fahne )
  • width: 1070mm
  • height: 720mm

  • Weight / longterm:
  • LOBSTER-frame equipped for 14 months with 1 pressure tube (without anchor) weight / air: ~300kg; weight / water: ~-30kg
  • LOBSTER-frame equipped for 36 months with 2 pressure tubes (without anchor) weight / air: ~335kg; weight / water: ~-30kg

  • Frame:
  • titanium, flexible

  • Operation depth:
  • 6000m / 7300m


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August 2017

Rental Service of OBS/Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer started

Two years after the the launch of our new OBS "NAMMU" the demand is continously increasing.

April 2017

To the Very Deep

For a couple of years now we manufacture pressure tubes for operational depth of more than 6.000 meters.

January 2017

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