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Deep-sea connector

Titanium - Deep-sea connector - PluK

Deep-sea connector

Size, handling, performance, price and finally reliability- for a long time we have searched for a perfect connector – now we produce it by our own.

Of course, completely made of titanium our connectors can be deployed up to 12.000m depth. Up to 30 pins are available. Coax, Ethernet, Fibre optics and hybrid connectors are also for sale. It suits to our external data container „StiK“ up to 200 GB, also ultra-deep operation. Ask us!

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Data Sheet:
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August 2017

Rental Service of OBS/Ocean-Bottom-Seismometer started

Two years after the the launch of our new OBS "NAMMU" the demand is continously increasing.

April 2017

To the Very Deep

For a couple of years now we manufacture pressure tubes for operational depth of more than 6.000 meters.

January 2017

OBS "Nammu" at AGU 2016

Our OBS "Nammu" celebrated a grand entrance at the AGU 2016 in San Francisco: technology from tomorrow meets technology from the future!