For the past two decades, K.U.M. has supported leading academic centres around the world by developing customised subsea technology.

Today, we are established as the leading provider of subsea data acquisition systems delivering an end-to-end service from conception through to manufacturing.

Our vision is to help you make the impossible possible at depth.


Over the years, our passion for continuous innovation has allowed us to expand our services and our markets. As our solutions have become ever more targeted and specialised, we have streamlined the way deep sea marine data is captured and processed. Across a wide variety of industries, we now help our customers to go further, see better and understand more.

With our vast experience of supporting academic institutes to undertake cutting edge oceanographic research, we are uniquely positioned to create, build and deliver innovative subsea solutions.

Solutions designed to meet the challenges of the deep marine environment.

Today, in the offshore energy industry for example, where there is an increased focus on energy transition, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability, our subsea solutions are arguably more important than ever. For customers seeking new ways to capitalise on future exploration opportunities, we simply bring tomorrow’s technology to the table today.


A track record of success


First project with University of Bremen for development and production of sediments traps with satellite-based system.


First office located in Kiel at the Baltic Sea.


World first with production of forged titanium pressure tubes. Begin manufacture of OBSs based on a GEOMAR design.


Introduce revolutionary deep-sea titanium releaser. Launch Lobster a completely new OBS design. OBS reliability increased from standard


Over 80 units of the OBS Lobster sold. Receive high praise from GEOMAR and Alfred-Wegener Institute after successful trials.


Move into much larger office/facilities with a total area of 1400m2, including manufacturing, testing and engineering facilities.


Recognised for innovations in the deep-sea research. Receive a grant from European Union, Germany and Land of Schleswig-Holstein for the development of new generation of OBSs.


Open new 1300m² premises at Melsdorf, just outside of Kiel. Equipped with state-of-the-art production capabilities which enable production of many subsea system components, attracting new customers.


Secure first deal from a medical instruments company. Launch Nammu – a new generation of OBS.

This is a flexible OBS platform which can carry different types of seismic equipment and at the highest specification has a 120 sec broadband seismometer, 100 sec hydrophone, 4 channel datalogger, acoustic releaser and is designed to autonomously record seismic data for up to 36 months.


Launch 6Labs to participate in innovative start-ups. Take part in a North Sea field trial with TenzorGEO.


K.U.M. India is incorporated. Local staff employed to service, promote and sell subsea systems.


Thomas Kumbier, CEO Thomas KumbierCEO

Thomas has been active in marine technology for over 35 years and played a major role in the development of the sediment traps in the mid 1980s. He polished his skills at two marine technology companies in Germany, before establishing K.U.M. in 1997. With his tireless passion for innovation and creativity, Thomas drove the business through many difficulties to build it up into a successful subsea research systems company. Thomas has participated in various offshore research expeditions across all the oceans of the world.

Arne Schwenk, CTO Arne SchwenkCTO

Arne is a world recognised expert in subsea physics and engineering and his drive and innovative thinking have provided the foundation of much of the company’s success. Arne joined K.U.M. over 20 years ago and has participated in more than 20 offshore scientific expeditions, personally handling operations of OBSs and other subsea systems.

Tim Sandmann, Head of Mechanical Engineering Tim SandmannHead of Mechanical Engineering

Tim has been working with K.U.M. for more than a decade. With his theoretical and practical experience in oceaneering, Tim has led and still leads projects to success. In 2022 Tim was appointed to head of the mechanical development department.

Dinesch Babu, Director K.U.M. India Dinesch BabuDirector K.U.M. India

Over the last 28 years, Dinesh has managed professional business support services for several organisations in India with specific focus on marine, deep sea technologies and oceanographic domains. Working on niche products from world leading companies, he successfully defined strategy, drove business development and established in-country support services. His diversified global and regional experience and his ability to understand detailed customer requirements make him a valuable addition to K.U.M. family, where he is responsible for K.U.M. India.

Geography of Projects

Geography of Projects