The newest and most advanced marine seismic data acquisition system to date is here: Introducing the 6D7 seismic data logger.

The 6D7 is a state-of-the-art seismic data logger for OBS applications. Its features are specifically tailored to the harsh conditions in an underwater system.

Because space and weight are at a premium the 6D7 data logger is small in size and its power consumption is the lowest of any seismic data logger on the market. This allows the usage of fewer batteries saving space, weight and cost.

The data logger is a product of decades of experience at K.U.M. It features an improved design directly on top of the sensor. This enables an extra low noise level thanks to the shortest possible signal paths.

Never worry about the timing of the data. The 6D7 comes equipped with an excellent real time clock. It has very little drift and is highly linear over a wide temperature range and is perfect even for recordings over multiple years.

The recorder also has an intuitive web interface with WiFi. Just connect any PC, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone to get the data logger ready for the experiment. You can also check the signals in real time to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Features & Benefits

Small size

6D7 is one of the smallest data loggers available. And it can be mounted directly on top of the sensor without any cables.

Best-in-class data quality

The data quality of the 6D7 is outstanding. It features ultra low noise and a breathtaking dynamic range making it an excellent choice for any type of scientific experiment.

Ultra low power consumption

Even longer experiments with fewer batteries. The extreme power saving capabilities of 6D7 elevate your science to a new scale.

High precision clock

We equipped 6D7 with an excellent real time clock which features very high accuracy even over long deployments.



SizeDiameter 125mm, Height 55mm
CaseAnodized Aluminium


Power consumption120mW
Input voltage9-24V
Channels3x Seismometer, 1x Hydrophone
Seismometer input voltage range±5.5V
Hydrophone input voltage range±0.625V
Hydrophone input impedance200MΩ


Sample rates100sps, 250sps, 500sps, 1000sps, 2000sps, 4000sps
Dynamic range145dB
Clock non-linearity<0.02ppm
Internal storage250GB, up to 2TB
External storageStiK with up to 2TB
User interfaceWeb interface via WiFi, no special software needed