Many instruments, such as cameras, are not designed to withstand deep-sea pressures and so they require a protective housing during deployment in the marine environment.

K.U.M.’s pressure-proof titanium Camera Housing has been designed to offer protection from both corrosion and high pressure down to operational depths of 12,000m. It comes equipped with a camera window to the front and a connector port in the rear. The camera window is flat and made from either boro-silicate or sapphire to ensure that high optical-quality particle cameras can continue to perform to the highest standards.

Furthermore, when used with an optical dome, special camera attachments can be designed to place the virtual focal point on the centre of the dome to ensure the highest possible picture quality.

To date, the K.U.M. Camera Housing has played a crucial role in many experiments including the use of zoom cameras in subsea particle detection.

Customisation is also available – with unique housings often developed to meet the requirements of the specific camera equipment used by customers.

Camera Housing

Features & Benefits


  • Deep-sea protective housing for cameras, optical data transmitters and other instruments


  • Dimensions fully customisable upon request
  • Optical glass for highest resolution
  • Flat surface for high image fidelity
  • Dome port for monitoring procedures or light fittings


Technical Data

Opening angle2 x 44°
Camera window shape– Plain window – Cone shaped 2 x 44° (More suited for macro images)
Tube materialTitanium (A16V4)
Window materialBorosilicate glassPerspexSapphire
Operational depth12,000m
Compatible equipmentVideo Cameras, Recorder, Electronics, Micro colour camera, Optical data transmitters