If an autonomous deep-sea experiment requires mechanical drive to carry out any task involving movement or the expulsion of force, then a reliable and powerful drive engine is needed – and it has to be one that works even in a high-pressure environment.

The majority of drives available on the market today are designed for one very specific purpose and cannot be used for a diverse set of tasks. K.U.M.’s compact and lightweight Drive Unit is, by comparison, highly customisable to meet a variety of customer requirements.

The power supply, housing material, torque, revolutions, shaft ends and connectors can all be designed, manufactured and tested to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, all Drive Units are comprehensively tested for functionality and strength in K.U.M.’s own pressure tank prior to delivery.

The Drive Unit can provide an enormous torque of up to 15Nm and its turning is counted in steps of 15 degrees by its internal electronics. Additionally, shaft positioning can be achieved with a precision of 1/16 revolutions attributed to the internal electronic system.

Drive unit

Features & Benefits


  • Moving heavy objects or parts against high friction
  • Controlled movement of any object in deep sea


  • Highly customisable allowing for a wide array of tasks to be conducted
  • Generates powerful movement force in deep sea environments
  • Titanium build offering excellent protection from corrosion and pressure


Technical Data

Revolution0.5-4rpm (at the shaft)
Torque4-10Nm continuous operation15 Nm short operation
Impulses1-16 each 360°
Power, batteriesDependent on the operation depth and requested torque-16 je 360°
Voltage supply6V, 12V, 24V, 36V*, 48V* (* – requires larger housing)
Material / WeightSteel (1.4571 oder 1.4539): 5.4kg, Titanium (TiAl6V4): 3.5kg
Operational depthUp to 12,000m
DimensionsDiameter – 70mm, Length – 350mm