One of the many challenges in deep-sea research is establishing the exact horizontal position of an instrument on the seabed. This is a very important factor for instruments including samplers and sediment traps, where any uncertainty can lead to inaccurate data collection and its misinterpretation.

K.U.M.’s deep-sea inclinometer Matemo is designed to address this issue. Prior to operation, Matemo can be attached to equipment while onshore to determine the tilt angle of the system on a known surface; this value can then be automatically deducted from final measurements taken during operation, thus restoring the norm.

Matemo is designed to record tilt angle in two directions (X and Y) – which are programmed by its software – MATUI (Multi Axis Tiltmeter User Interface). MATUI allows the user to configure measurement interval, actual time or start time delay of the measurement. Once the investigation is concluded, data can be downloaded and displayed in a graph or exported for external analysis. The data, as well as the settings, are saved in non-volatile memory and will remain safe regardless of the battery being depleted or replaced.


Features & Benefits


  • Determination and recording of instrument tilt
  • Tilt correction wherever gradient of the ground distorts measurements


  • Data can be downloaded and displayed in graph (integrated quick view) or exported for analysis
  • Data and settings are saved regardless of battery exhaustion or replacement


Technical Data

Max number of measurements65,500 measurements per axis (X,Y)
Measurement interval1 Second – 23h:59min:59sec
Measurement range±80° per axis
Absolute error±0.1° (within ±60°), ±0.5° (outside of ±60°)
Power supply3.6V DC Lithium primary battery (qty. 1); ex. Saft 33600 with soldering tag (D-size)
Back-up battery3.0V DC Lithium primary battery (CR123A, qty. 1)
MaterialPOM (Polyoxymethylene) – Shallow waterTitanium – Deep sea
Operational depthPOM housing – 200m, Titanium housing – 6000m
Operational temperature range-20° to +85° (operation, storage and transport)
Operational timeUp to 3 years
DimensionsDiameter – 64mm, Height – 169mm