There are many different underwater connectors on the market. However, if, for example, you are looking for a connector with a small diameter, an operational depth of more than 7,300m, high current capacity and a fully customisable number of pins, then you will find there are very few options available.

However, one of those few is PluK – K.U.M.’s unique deep-sea connector.

PluK is arguably the most versatile, flexible and economic deep-sea connector available on the market. It features a double O-ring sealing, hundreds of unique pin configurations, ocean depth resilience, compact size and a highly durable titanium construction.

Pluk was initially developed for internal use only, but K.U.M. soon realised there was high demand for such connectors. Today, PluK provides a market-leading solution for many of the deep-water connection needs encountered by subsea professionals.


Features & Benefits


  • Deep-sea connector


  • Compact design
  • Flexible number of pins
  • Highly versatile number of connection options for a wide array of use cases


Technical Data

ConnectionsEthernet, USB, Fibre Optics, Hybrid (electrical / fibre optics), Hybrid (High Power / Sensor inputs), Twist-proof, Gold platedand Leading pins
Number of pinsUp to 30
Operational depthup to 12,000m
DimensionsDiameter – 30mm