The collection of sinking particles is an essential part of many marine investigations. Such particles offer insight into the migration of trace elements and nutrients, ancient ocean circulation patterns and many other parameters. To obtain this data, an instrument is required to collect samples while remaining protected from both high-pressure environments and corrosion risks often for long periods of time.

To meet this need, K.U.M. developed the Sediment Trap. Built to the highest standards to ensure the optimal collection of particles in the water column, the Sediment Trap can be deployed in both salt and fresh water and up to depths of 10,000m.

The hexagonal open framework reduces interfering current resistance and enables sinking sediment particles to be collected. Particles are funnelled via a special hexagonal lattice-grid baffle, sealed in special paper and then collected into sample bottles.

The bottles are held within a sample collection turntable where they can later be analysed to determine biological, chemical and mineralogical compositions. The duration of sample collection can be programmed via a cable or WiFi connection from one minute to 24 months.

Extra care has been taken to ensure there is no contamination of the samples collected. All parts are made from GRP resin and the funnel is carefully polished, ensuring that particles do not stick to the funnel wall and no interfering chemicals from the plastic can contaminate the samples. Each sample is individually sealed by its own spring to ensure that, even after long investigation periods, the samples remain pure.

Sediment Trap in Detail

Sediment Trap K/MT 234

Features & Benefits


  • Subsea collection of sinking particles


  • Hexagonal shape allows connection of several traps to cover wider area
  • Hexagonal lattice grid stabilizes current and reduces wash out
  • Sleep mode


Technical Data

Collection area0.25m², 0.5m²
Sample bottles14, 21, 41
Sample bottle volume400ml
Funel slope angle34°
Connection interfaceRS232
Power Supply9V DC (6 Alkaline 1.5V batteries)
Operational depthUp to 6000m (10000m version available)