K.U.M. manufactures and supplies a wide range of shackles, chains and rings – all made from titanium to provide high durability and corrosion protection.

Shackles are further protected against fretting through the application of a cerid-coating. Chains can be manufactured in a variety of lengths based on customer requirements. Rings are available in two sizes.

Titanium Shackles

Features & Benefits


  • Shackle – Primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems
  • Chains – Lifting of heavy load or transferral of power within machines
  • Ring – Interlinked to create chain or to hold objects together


  • Chain length is based on customer requirements
  • Cerid-coating to protect against fretting
  • Titanium build offering protection from corrosion and high durability


Shackle U-7500-N

Breaking load10,000kg
DimensionsDiameter – 15mm, Length – 94mm, Bolt Diameter – 17mm, A – 55mm, B – 32mm


Total chain lengthCustomisable upon customer request


Ring 1Breaking load – 5000kg, Total length – 124mm, Total width – 54mm, Weight 140g
Ring 2Breaking load – 4000kg, Total length – 167mm, Total width – 101mm, Weight 355g