Scientific investigations that are easy in the lab are not so straightforward when they need to be conducted in the subsea environment with pressures of up to 600 bars.

Our extensive range of products is designed to address these challenges, and the K.U.M. Syringe Sampler is a critical addition. The Syringe Sampler is a water-sampling instrument that comprises of a series of individually programmable syringes that can perform tests in-situ on the seabed over a period of up to two years.

Eight syringes are present in total, with one usually programmed to inject an active fluid into the probe containing high concentrations of the desired parameter (CO₂, O₂ etc). The remaining seven syringes are generally used to collect samples at different time intervals. The syringes can be designed in either glass or plastic depending on requirements.

With operational depths of up to 6,000m, the Syringe Sampler can easily be deployed using the K.U.M. Lander along with the Benthic Chamber. Both are connected via plastic tubes, thus allowing water probes to be taken directly out of the chamber.

Syringe Sampler

Features & Benefits


  • Conducting in-situ experiments at seabed
  • Injecting of desired chemical into probe to carry out measurements over time
  • Collection of probe samples at different time intervals


  • All syringes are individually pre-programmable to inject or collect
  • Small dead volumes
  • Possible to stack multiple Syringe Samplers
  • Spring loaded, ultra low-power consumption
  • Optional micrometre filter
  • Luer-Lock connection
  • Can be programmed in a browser using WiFi
  • Rubber cord driven mechanics (ensures a steady force is applied to avoid damage to filter)


Technical Data

Number of syringes8 (50ml)
Battery6 Alkaline D-Cells
MaterialGlass or plastic
Operational depth6000m
Operational timeUp to 2 years
DimensionsHeight – 180mm, Width – 460mm, Depth – 270mm
Weight10kg (without syringes & drive)
MechanicsElectrical drive engine triggers camshaft