During any seismic operation, the recording and collection of accurate timestamps is essential to ensure the reliability of the data set. Inaccurate time data can cause significant errors in data processing and interpretation and may lead to incorrect conclusions. This task is especially difficult when working on the seabed where no GPS, clock or power source is available.

To address this K.U.M. developed the TOM300 – a highly accurate timing oscillator module. This device features a high-speed internal clock that generates high-resolution timestamps of 1μs. When synchronized with GPS or alternative systems both before deployment and after recovery, the remaining non-linearity after correction is as low as 0.02ppm.

The TOM300 is extremely versatile. It can easily be integrated with a range of different instruments and is perfect for use across a wide scope of deep-sea investigations. It features low power consumption as well as a standby mode, which allows for an extended operational time of up to five years on the main battery. And, if that is insufficient, then a back-up battery offers an additional five years of operational time.


Features & Benefits


  • Timestamp management device for places where time synchronization is not possible (due to absence of GPS / GLONASS / BEIDOU / GALILEO / radio)


  • Low error range over vast temperature range
  • High-speed internal clock
  • Low power consuming standby mode


Technical Data

Timestamp resolution1µs
Absolute time error<200ns/s
User memory256 bytes
Protocol interfaceI²C
Non-linearity after correction0.02ppm
Power consumption<500µW active mode, <10µW stand-by mode
Operational timeUp to 10 years (2 x CR2032)
Operational temperature-10°C - +80°C